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The only thing you really have to do is take care of your real life. To balance between gaming and the rest of your life is your call. When you do come online and play with us, We want you to be fully committed. To Play with Fire.

We are all equal as gamers and humans, and we treat each other as such.
Being an Officer means taking up a responsibility for the good of the guild, no less and no more.
Every voice matters.

This even includes our enemies: be respectful, in victory or defeat. No flaming, harassment, bug using or cheating.

Strive for improvement. We will never be perfect. That doesn't have to keep us from trying. Learn from successes and mistakes, from your allies, your enemies, and yourself. Always ask yourself "what would have been a better way to approach this situation?" Don't be afraid to receive feedback, and don't be afraid to give it.

Play for the Team. We are not a pile of solo players. The team is our strength, our motivation, our family. Always try to do what is best for the team, and in the long run the team will do what's best for yourself. We share our time, knowledge, and ingame goods.

Aspire for success. While there is sometimes room to “mess around”, when it matters we always play to win, no matter the odds. People will depend on you. Always play to the best of your ability, use your best judgement, and trust in your allies to do the same.


We are a determined ‘Murder of Crows’ and we will always work hard, to fulfill our objectives and enjoy our gaming experience together. Our standpoint is that every member should contribute to the best of their ability, regardless of skill, experience or commitments. It is with this in mind that we actively encourage others to do the same. Caldera is an organization where one person can make a difference.

Our objectives will change from campaign to campaign, in order to adapt and overcome the events that unfold in front of us. We do not have a sole ambition which we are trying to achieve. We focus on all aspects of Crowfall; from intrigues in the political landscape, unscrupulously plundering of a caravan, trading and bartering for goods, the rush of combat - be it waiting in the shadows or full scale siege.  

Our victories will be not defined by the actions of the individual, but as Caldera as a whole. 

Want to know more?

Check out our recruitment post on the official Crowfall Forum, or join our Discord!