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First of all, we want to encourage everyone to record gameplay, including voice coordination for analyzation by the guild only. If you are in the military, please post them in the arsenal. If you are not, feel free to post them on discord, and we will add them to the arsenal for the military. If you want feedback on your gameplay, feel free to ask and we shall provide. (If you are a recruit, we will gather feedback in the military and send it to you via PM). We realize that many of our members would like to stream Crowfall gameplay, or provide videos to the public. However, doing so imposes a serious risk of sharing secret information, like the layout of our keeps, tactics, voice communication, positions, etc.

Therefore, we have to impose the following rules:

Public events:

During public events, where we share a voice channel with people outside of our guild, streaming and recording is allowed. However, the secrecy guidelines apply.

Informal roaming:

When we are roaming together, but no official operation is going on (these include planned operations and CTAs), streaming and recording is allowed with the following restrictions:

  • Use a sufficient delay for the stream (at least 15 minutes).
  • inform other players that you are streaming (use the twitch channel on ts).
  • do not stream voice coordination, and do not make a recording with voice public. Exceptions are possible with the explicit approval of an officer.


  • When an operation is running (including CTAs and training), you are not allowed to stream.
  • do not make recordings public before asking an officer (internal training or voice communication is never made public).
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