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General Knowledgebase

Still updating to 6.1 stats.

Performance Improvements

Crowfall presently have performance issues and while in Beta they are working on performance on their end. You can though still get a better improvement of the game experience by using the following advice from ComeradeAma

Note : turning off ALL game sound also gives improvements.


Divine Favor : Shrines and Badges

Crafted Items and Ressource Knowledgebase

Crowfall has a very diverse and deep use of crafting. As such finding all the combinations can be a daunting process.

Fear not! That is why we have done it for you. Enjoy.

Harvesting :

Welcome to the Caldera Knowledge Base, we hope you enjoy your stay, below are links to categories of the different resources, crafted items and other useful information pieces that you can find in the Crowfall Universe.



Crafting Professions

Crafted Items

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