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A lot of work goes into running the guild, harvesting resources, crafting the tools, armor, weapons and vessels we need.  Planning and leading operations and the like. 

Every Member is expected to choose, and actively fulfill, at least one of these tasks. There should be something here for everyone, whether you can spend hours during the day to farm, or you only want to focus on pvp, do things on your own or with others, and even if you don’t want to spend too much time in the game itself, and rather contribute in other ways.

Some of the options are listed below, but should you not find anything that suits you, we can discuss and find your own task not yet listed here, or you might find a place in the militia.

  • Harvester
    The backbone of the economy of the guild, the harvesters are the basis upon which wars are fought and won.
    You should be willing to spend hours either alone or socially with others to farm ressources for the guild.
  • Hunter
    Similar to Harvesters, the hunters are gathering vital ressources like Gold and Disciplines for the guild from Wartribes, Monsters, and similar sources.
    You should be able to spend a good bit of time in the game grouping with other members. More than the other roles, you always need to be prepared to fight other players.
  • Crafter
    All the best equipment our members need is crafted by the artisans of the guild.
    To be a crafter you need to be reliable, and able to log in at least multiple times each week, since you will be using specialized and valuable equipment, and if you suddenly disappear, the entire chain may break.

  • Mentor
    You like to take care of people, and are good at building connections?
    As a Mentor you will help in the recruitment of new members, and help them during their trials.

  • Trainer
    Are you a good teacher, and maybe even have extensive knowledge in an aspect of the game?
    As a trainer, you will help organizing (PvP) training sessions, and coach the other members to help them become as good as they can be.

  • Guidewriter
    Do you love spreadsheets and math, and are you just unable to stop thinking about new builds and strategies? While everyone should be actively participating in the theorycrafting around his own activities, the Guidewriters spearhead these efforts with extensive analysations and calculations about the mechanics of the game, and presenting the results to the guild, “producing” new builds and guides for the guild to use, and keeping an eye on the Meta in other guilds.

  • Raidleader
    You are not afraid of responsibility, have a special interest in strategy, and a tendency to lead?
    The Raidleaders organize and run the operations of our armies.

  • Server Admin/ CalDev
    This website doesn’t run on its own. We need people administering the server the website and other tools run on, and we have multiple projects to extend our internal tools.
    If you have experience with programming or hosting applications, you can be of great use. Just make sure you have the time and motivation to actually contribute in this way.

  • Officer/Council
    Stepping up and taking the mantle of an Officer, or even a spot in the Council, primarily means more responsibility, and quite some work. If you are up for it, we always need people to help organizing the various efforts required to keep the guild running, and make sure the efforts of all of our members are fruitful.